Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trip, Recration and Amusement

School-o College Trip should knowledgeable with recreation and amusement:
School and college trip is very positive and healthful activity.  Institution should arrange trip once or twice in a year.  The purpose of trip should knowledgeable and memorable.   Ideal trip strategy consist on following category.

Younger teen ager under 10-year old.
Trip for 6th to 10th up to 16 year old.

Trip for College Student.

Minaret Pakistan
1.Younger teen ager group: 
This category is containing up to 5th class student.  The teacher should arrange twice a year after sixth month and final exam.  Trip purpose containing on
recreation and amusement. They should gone in well known parks of the nearest city, museum and zoo.  Teacher should brief younger student about museum item and zoo containing animal, birds etc.

2.Trip for 6th to 10th Classes:

 Ideal  Trip of these classes  for historical places of their region and in other places museum and zoo are ideal places for them.   Teacher should told them about back history of all historical places which you physical visit.

3.Trip for College student:
             For this stage trip should very purposeful and amuse-able.  They should go relevant practical institution and industry etc.  Teacher should contact with relevant industrial department and take  the time for tour.  Student should meet relevant technical person learn about their work flow and over all management work style and changing work and management need.  For example an BSC  textile student should visit their relevant textile industry and learn technical flow of work and management pattern, and thus designing and   commerce student should visit their relevant field that  is  design studio of industry , marketing and accounts department and lean about technicalities of their relevant profession.

4-  Precaution:

  • Teacher should watch their teen younger student to keep them and abstain from wrong and ruin activity.
  • Teacher should keep in mind their Finances status as they belong.
  • In case very younger student their guides should nominate.

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