Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trend of Advertising through Internet Ads

New Trend of Advertising:

Advertising Create an image; History of Advertising start from 17th century. In early age it was used to promote product knowledge to its perspective. Latter in America advertising was used to introduce books and novel to its general public. Such welfare institution also used advertising to promote their program and collection of funding. Today advertising have become the compulsory part of every product. Every consumer product need a tactical way advertising, In short advertising comes in core values list which make a product successful.

Main Category:
  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media
Print media have loose its popularity, new trend have shifted on electronic media. Because invention of new technology that is computer, inter-net, cable, FM etc have create change in lifestyle of people.
Specially Computer and Internet create new trend of advertising. Internet create diversification of market, all globe operation done as just in a village. 

 Specially in this article I want to share the globally changing trend of advertising through Internet it may be through Google Ads or directly sponsored ads on well known sights. Main types of Internet ads are; Google Ads word , ads through popular sites, classified ads, ads through face book or twitter, etc.

Google Ads word
Google ads word is a world wide well known source of advertising, the specific ads shown on different sites and location and portal in text or image form, the Internet user when see their relevant ads he click to text to see detail description. Clint pay only of those which click by perspective customer. This channel of advertisement have diversified in all globe. All the world is its perspective market.

Advertisement via Well known sight:

The well know site like as face-book, twitter, orkut, hamariweb etc are used sponsor ads link of their client. This channel of advertisement is best for those Clint which have globally operation, and their user are concern with educated community.

Classified Ads as selling and buying medium:

Classified ads are well known source of information, specially the use of classified ads in America and India are well known and popular. This is very popular medium in both country. Mostly website give free facility to its consumer, that they can post free ads of their commodity. The interested person contact with its publisher, and thus complete the cycle.

Good point of this new Trend:
  • Cheep way of advertisement.
  • Globally operation with small budget.
  • Concern perspective see the ads.
  • Easy communication.

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  1. No doubt this is new shape of future advertising, trend increase day by day. and it is very economic.